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The Process

To give you an idea of how we go through the process of developing your one off wheels, we start with what you would like to put them on and your ideas of design, whether you like a traditional look or something more modern.  You may like a spoke design or a smoother type of wheel.  After determining some basic ideas of your desires, we make up some cad drawings, which we forward to you for more discussion.  We then discuss what you like and don’t like about the first renderings.  You may say you want the window design larger, smaller, longer, a sharper edge, etc.  We then redo the renderings and send you ones with the changes.  After doing this a couple of times we will get your ideas down to a final design.

One of our main focuses is to ensure the customer has an intrical part in the design of the product.  We want them to have exactly what they want, and not some “off the shelf” design, which they will see again and again at the car show.  The individuality of hot rodding is what makes it the remarkable sport that it is. We love having customers call us and relate stories of their experiences and interactions with people asking how they ever found the wheels for their cars.  We have had people argue with us about if a wheel is chromed or not.

The Manufacturing Process

Only the best materials go into Evod Wheels.  We start with 6061T6 aluminum for every wheel application.  Depending upon your design and needs we use either a block, plate or forging of this material to start making the design of your wheel.  From there the designs are programmed into our machines and the manufacturing process begins.  The profiles are carved on the lathe.  Then it moves to the CNC Mill for the precision machining of the design.  Then off to polishing.  At this time we also can powder coat, paint or apply any finish you desire.  At this point a piece wheel is complete.  However in the 2 and 3 piece applications the process continues.Now the parts come to assembly where the center in put in the barrel or hoop and backspacing is set.  We manufacture both 2 and 3 piece wheels.  2 piece applications at this point get welded in while 3 piece are bolted in with titanium fasteners and trued.  After assembly the wheels are sent back to the polishing department and show polished before being sent out to the customer.


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