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We at EVOD have always been aware that there are many customers out there who wish to have their own design incorporated into the product to express their individuality. We work very closely with the customer to develop a design, which will not only have the design and individuality they want, but will function and work properly in their application. Our people have the knowledge it takes to help engineer the products so they not only look great, but also operate properly. EVOD Industries is known for making difficult projects come to fruition.

A Passionate Company

Dove Affair Inc. formed Evod Industries in 2003 with the express purpose of making high-end custom “ONE-OFF” wheels and accessories. We wanted to make wheels and other custom parts from the very best materials available, using the best workmanship and design with no compromises. The people involved have been long time car enthusiasts and are very familiar with the specialty car market. We have built many cars from the ground up over the years and are still doing so today. EVOD Industries has assembled the machinery and people required to make a superior product for the discriminating buyer.


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